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“A dream, maybe a nightmare?, a dominant fury invades my mind and a horde of soldiers approach. I do not know nothing about this situation, but this inner fury scream: "Defeat them all!", I must obey, I don not know what else to do. If they approach to me, I...”


Evil Dream of Hechiz is a simple turn-based game where your attacks are guided by the figure you tapped in the in-game menu. You can summon a shield to protect yourself, upgrade the chances of appeareance of the circle and the damage you do, and fill yourself with absolute rage to obliterate every enemy in the way of your spells.

mikibox here: I hope that you enjoy this minigame. Any feedback you have I will gladly read and consider for future updates.

Made with Godot 3.0.6


Evil Dream of Hechiz.apk 13 MB
Evil Dream of Hechiz (win).zip 11 MB

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